Preserving Ministry Funds

Start today to see resources preserved.

End the year with more financial resources.

Change for the Better.

While the hectic, day-to-day operations of a ministry take place, the underlying financial impact is often forgotten. Our goal is to review your ministry salary packages, expenses and office/financial processes in order to create a plan that will not only lower costs, but improve the ministry environment for your staff and the benefits to those you minister to.

Financial Impact for Years to Come

Successes Make the Best References

$19,244 per year

After a staff-member resignation, a full-time position was evaluated and determined that it could become a part-time position with no loss of service quality.

$8,700 per year

Retrofitted old florescent light fixtures with LED light strips and drivers.

$20,000 per year

Reviewed employee health insurance plan, finding a better plan that lowers the deductible for each staff member while saving the organization money.

Scope of Our Solutions

On-Site Information Gathering, ZOOM Meetings, and Cost Reviews

Budget Build/Reviews

Computer Process Building

Insurance Reviews

Staff Task-Assessments

Cost Reviews

Staff Salary/Benefits Review


When Staff are on the Verge of Retirement or in Critical Health, it's too late to Create Benefit Packages that Would Have Taken Care of Their Needs

We come with over 24 years of experience auditing, planning, creating, implementing and monitoring employment packages as well as finding cost-saving and quality-improvement measures that help pay for them.

We help you take better care of those who serve in your organization by reviewing the salary packages, workload, tax-saving strategies, insurance benefits and retirement planning.

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Client Reviews

“I highly recommend Mike for his expertise in automation processes. The automation created by Mike has greatly improved efficiency and time. The automated process that best helped me was when he automated the export of donations from the online website and the processing of the contribution receipts and many other reports.”

Computer Process Building

“I highly recommend Mike’s automation routine for any size ministry. If you have tedious daily or weekly entries that take up one- or two-people’s time, Mike’s automation would save the time spent so that those staff or volunteers could use their time more wisely. Hand-entering that would have taken hours, with automation takes seconds. This saved us so much time. The automation routines have cut down on data entry time, reduced duplicating entries in different software programs while keeping the information accurate and up-to-date.”

Cindy Bunker – Bookkeeper

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